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Vinyl Wraps

Our vinyl wrapping process consists of full disassembly of your vehicle and its parts being wrapped.

This ensures a clean appearance and secures the vinyl from lifting. We use high-quality materials followed by a professional application process. We will work with you throughout the job to create the vision you have for your car.

Paint Protection Films (PPF)

Nobody likes stone chips! Whether you just bought your brand new car or want to protect a classic paint job, we have high-quality films for any application.

Save your bumpers, hood, fenders, or any other panel from the elements. A paint protection film will keep your ride looking crisp. We provide small applications, half nose, full nose, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Vinyl Wrap

What can I wrap?

You can wrap any smooth surface, such as paint, glass, smooth plastics, and chrome.

How long does it last / durability?

The life span of a vinyl wrap is entirely dependent on care and conditions. Most films are expected to last between 4-7 years if properly taken care of. Stone chips and scratching are still possible. There are some self healing properties to vinyl wrap.


We offer a 2 year installation warranty that covers workmanship. If in 2 years lose edges, lifting, or bubbling occurs we will address the issue accordingly. We can not warranty wrap over any non OEM, damaged or cracking / fading finishes. Any failures due to improper care or outside damages ie collisions and acts of nature.

What can’t I wrap?

Surfaces like rough or textured plastic, rubbers, fabrics, rust and soft surfaces can not be wrapped.

What kind of after care do I need?

We do not recommend automated car washes, or use of pressure washers. Do not wax your wrap with anything besides our recommended products. A vinyl wrap specific ceramic coating can greatly improve the durability and longevity of the finish. We can have your car coated before you pick up. Please note that a normal ceramic coating can not be applied to a film.

Paint Protection Films (PPF)

What can I protect?

PPF can be applied to smooth paint finishes, and lights. PPF can not be applied to worn, broken or damaged paint, glass, plastic or rubber surfaces.

How long does it last / durability?

PPF can last from 8-10 years and is very durable against chipping and scratching. It is also stain resistant, and can be easily cleaned. PPF has self healing properties so most light scratches can be removed by applying some heat to the film.


PPF can be cleaned just like normal a paint finish. We do not recommend the use of automatic car washes or pressure washers on or around the film. Ceramic coatings can be applied to the film but it must be PPF specific.

What kind of PPF?

PPF generally comes in a clear gloss film that is almost invisible. Although we also offer it in matt finishes, gloss black, and carbon fiber that can completely change the appearance of your vehicle.

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